Some things aren't visible to the naked eye. Poor indoor Air Quality can threaten your health.

How It Works:

1. Collect 2 air samples 1 inside and 1 outside the home used to compare air quality from outside to inside of home.
More air samples for larger homes if necessary.

2. FedEx air samples to Hayes Microbial laboratory to get results the next business day.

3. Hayes Microbial laboratory will email you the results today they receive the samples.

4. We will follow up with a phone call with any recommendations based on the results of the report.

5. Call for Pricing

Are You Concerned About Air Quality?

We'll help you move forward with environmental testing in Brentwood, TN

Some air quality problems are visible, like large swaths of dark mold, but some can remain unseen while you experience symptoms of exposure. You might notice irritation in your eyes, skin or throat.

If you're experiencing these things in Brentwood, TN and wondering if they could be caused by low air quality, call Natural Mold Solution LLC for environmental testing services. We'll conduct air quality testing.

How do we test air quality?

You can expect us to conduct environmental testing in several steps. First, we'll collect an air sample inside your home and an air sample outside your home to compare your indoor and outdoor air quality.

After this:

  • We'll FedEx air samples to the laboratory of Hayes Microbial Consulting, LLC
  • Hayes Microbial will send you air quality testing results, likely within two business days
  • We'll call you to discuss test results and provide advice

If the environmental test identifies mold, count on us to remove it. Call 615-974-8953 to discuss testing today.